Belly Punching Belly Licking Lesbian Bonanza

Lora Cross and Stella Elle have taken their wrestling mats out by the lake on a brisk autumn morning to engage in the kind of fun all lesbians like to have: flirty aggression, belly punching, lifting and carrying one another, and licking each others belly buttons until they bring their kinky lesbian friend to a body-wracking orgasm.

You might think that this sort of behavior is atypical, rare, or only performed on camera to make a quick buck off of internet fans. You would be wrong. You see, people like Lora and Stella really do this kind of thing all the time to satisfy their own sexual urges, and only occasionally allow a cameraperson the privilege of filming it.

Think what you want, but be sure to watch and judge for yourself based on how horny these girls get as their bellies are punched and licked!

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