Tatiana Steele Fart Dominated by Lora Cross for Stealing Clients

Lora Cross is a businesswoman, and she means business. She values loyalty in her clients, and she is not planning on letting anything stand in her way in this regard. Enter Tatiana Steele, a devious newcomer who will take all of Lora’s clients if she can.

Lora is not having it. Lora is not having it at all. She found out about Tatiana’s little schemes, and she’s decided to teach Tatiana a lesson. With her ass.

Tatiana soon regrets her mistake of crossing Lora, as soon as Lora’s asshole is over her face and Lora is letting loose all the gas she can. Fart after fart come out and soon Tatiana can’t see or think straight! Will this torment ever end? Can Tatiana survive?!?

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